PDC-KIET has designed diploma courses for professionals in order to keep them abreast of the contemporary demands of international standards. Following are the field chosen:-

1.    Strategic Business Management
2.    HSE Health , Safety, Environment Management
3.    Supply Chain Management
4.    Certified Human Resource Professional (CHRP)
5.    Diploma in Marketing
6.    Diploma for NGO Professionals​​
7.    Project Management
8.    Quality Management
9.    Aviation Management

Qualification for registration :-

  • In the program will be at least FA, FSc, or equivalent from a Govt. recognized institution.

Duration of the diploma

  • Total course work will be for six months.

Research Project:-

Participants are required to submit a research project that must be submitted within two months of completion of diploma course.

·         There will be two 3-hour evening classes per week.
·         There will be Six (06) training modules.
·         At the end of each module there will be a  30 minutes MCQ based examination.
·         At least one quiz will be given in each module.
·         Five marks will be reserved for class participation.
The breakup of total 100 marks will be as follows:

MCQ Based Examination(after every module)         =    50%
Class participation                                                     =    05%
Quizzes /Assignment                                                =    10%
End term / course  Examination                                =    15%
Project (to be completed in 2 months)                      =     20 %

The conditions for participants to qualify for the diploma:​

At least 80% attendance
At least 70% percent passing marks in each module
On Successful presentation of a project within two months of completion of course work, Diploma will be issued.