About PDC

PAF- Professional Development Center “PDC “is dedicated to provide a diversified wide range of training to individuals as well as organizations in order to augment their professional skills and capabilities.
Our mission is to help both individuals and organizations to grow and become more successful in their profession and to conduct high quality training by using latest training techniques, state of the art technologies, robust processes and highly experienced facilitators.
In our programs, PDC organizes training on industry specific problem areas and tries to simulate real-life corporate scenario that participants face in their professional life and train them how to encounter. PDC provides short term courses in Engineering, Computer Sciences, Media & Arts and Management Sciences and provides flexibility in scheduling classes to meet the needs of our clients.
Following are our Potential Training Areas

PDC Course Description

Finance / Accounting Management (FAM)
1 Cost Estimating & Cost Control
2 Finance for Non-Finance Managers
3 Financial Modeling & Valuation
4 Financial Risk MNG
5 Issues in Financial Reporting
Human Resource management (HRM)
1 Dealing with Difficult People – Assertiveness Skills
2 Managing Conflict, Self & Time MNG
3 Planning & Organizing Skills
4 Stress MNG
5 Anger MNG
6 Balanced Score Card for Organizational Performance MNG
7 Compensation and Benefit MNG
8 Conducting Effective Appraisals
9 Conducting HR Audit
10 Conflicts and Disputes Resolution
11 Director Training Program
12 Effective Training Needs Analysis
13 Employee Engagement
14 HR for Line Managers
15 HR for Non HR Managers
16 HRM Tools & Techniques for Performance Excellence
17 Interviewing Skills
18 Leadership & MNG Controls
19 Team Building Skills
20 Performance MNG
21 Strategic HR
22 Train the Trainer
23 Understanding Corporate Politics
24 Women in Leadership
25 Writing Policies & Procedures
26 Writing Effective Job Descriptions
Health Safety and Environment (HSE)
1 Fire Prevention & Emergency Response
2 Health Safety and Environment
3 OHSAS 18001, Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series,
Information Technology (IT)
1 IT for Non IT Staff
2 MS Office / Advanced Excel
3 Threats and Solutions for Cyber Security
4 IT Infrastructure Library
5 Developing Android Applications
6 Networking Skills
7 Qualitative Data Analysis with NViVo
8 Service Level Agreements (SLAs) For IT
9 SPSS – Statistical Software Package for Social Sciences
10 Web designing
Marketing & sales (MKT)
1 Market Research Methodology
2 Advance Selling Skills
3 AdvanceD Brand Management
4 Customer Service Excellence
5 Effective Marketing Plan
6 Managing Sale Team
7 Negotiation Skills – Closing Better Deals
8 Retail Excellence
9 E- Marketing – Social Media Marketing
10 Strategic Customer Relationship Management
General management (GMN)
1 Aligning Budgeting and Strategy
2 Developing effective Interpersonal & Communication Skills
3 Event and Conference MNG
4 Presentation Skills
5 Effective Report Writing
6 Coaching & Mentoring Skills
7 Core Competencies & Modeling
8 Corporate Restructure
9 Decision Making & Problem Solving
10 Delegation Skills
11 Crisis MNG Strategy
12 How to start your new Business
13 Leading and Managing Change
14 Effective Administrative & Supervisory skills
15 Time MNG & Prioritization
Project Management (PMP)
1 Projects & Contract MNG
2 Project Evaluation, Negotiation, Bidding and Award
3 Effective Project Proposal Writing
4 PRIMAVERA P6 Software for PMP
Quality Control Management (QCM)
1 Kaizen Based Lean MNG
2 Construction of Quality Deployment Function(QDF)
3 Improving Quality of Service Delivery
4 Lean Manufacturing
5 Six Sigma Quality Breakthrough
6 Quality control (Lead Auditor Course)
7 Quality Assurance / Total Quality Management
Supply change management (SCM)
1 Procurement and Contract Administration
2 Procurement Techniques and Methods
3 Procurement, PPRA Rules and Application
4 Service Level Agreements (SLA)
Aviation Management (AVM)
1 Air cargo management
2 Safety Management System
3 Business and Aviation Law
4 Airline operations
5 Airport Operations
6 International aviation Management & Aviation Policy
7 Airline Finance
8 Aviation Management Information system
9 General Aviation Marketing