Vision & Mission


“To be amongst the leading Universities of the world where an excellent environment for education, research and innovation exists, to produce quality leaders and entrepreneurs.”


“KIET is committed in providing a quality learning and research environment in order to inculcate fundamental and specialized knowledge and skill for producing competent professionals with focus on technology, innovation and entrepreneurship.”

Core Values

We are proud of our values and longterm commitment to
Academic Excellence: We stand for spearheading the pursuit of academic excellence by our faculty and students
Commitment to Students: We hold on to a rock-hard commitment to our students for enabling them to make men and women of values and professionals of unmatched expertise.
Service to Community: We see the benefit of community as the ultimate good stemming from any intellectual endeavor.
Academic Freedom: We allow unlimited freedom of expression to faculty and students for meaningful discussion and  purposeful exchange of ideas.
Accountability: We promote a strongest possible sense of civic and professional accountability as crucial values for making the world an ever better place to live in.
Integrity:We believe that any progressive move attains meaning and significance only if the individuals involved are imbued with a strong sense of personal and professional integrity.
Student-Centered Learning: We give maximum opportunity to the fresh minds of our nation to learn by questioning, debating and leading rater than by passive listening and robotic obedience.