TIBIC – Technology Innovation & Business Incubation Center



Entrepreneurs are the catalyst for economic growth of any country.  We believe, in Pakistan, entrepreneurs are the key solution to our decline state of economy, industry, environment, education, and poverty. Thus, they can provide uplifting to many sectors.


Our poor state of country is a BIG opportunity for today’s entrepreneurs, especially, technology business entrepreneurs.  KIET being a multi-facet institute with College of Engineering, College of Management Science, College of Computer & Information Sciences, College of Media & Arts and with strong research and applied engineering curriculum can play an active part in supporting these entrepreneurs to uplift Pakistan.


TIBIC (Technology Innovation & Business Incubation Centre) at KIET is a multi-functional center to nurture startups. One of the goals of TIBIC is to facilitate in developing an ecosystem for entrepreneurship in Pakistan.  TIBIC’s door is open for all stake holders involve in the entrepreneurial value chain, especially students, faculty and industry.


KIET’s Incubation Centre will help students to expand their horizon beyond class room studies and apply their learning to solve real world issues thus supporting Pakistan economy and its decline state in many sectors.  Incubation Centre will support students to startup their technology ventures, attract industries, attract researchers and in long-term strong financial, social and political standing for Pakistan and subsequently serve humanity.

Purpose and Goals


  • Incubate students to become entrepreneurs and start commercial ventures


  • Shorten gap between Industry and academia in Pakistan


  • Facilitate all stake holders in the entrepreneurial ecosystem


  • Attracts industry and prospective students


  • Hub for industry, students, researchers, corporate, VCs, and individual with an idea


  • In long run, a prosperous Pakistan and a better world to live



  • Office Space: Separate offices, cubicles and multi-desk shared open space
  • Education on startup skills and techniques
  • Meeting room
  • Free justified utilities, Internet, computers, etc.
  • AC and clean environment with backup generator
  • Registered office with mailbox facility
  • Programs, workshops, seminars, events
  • Seed money from KIET to selected startups
  • Access to Mentors and VCs
  • Network with KIET alumni and KIET startups
  • Part of global entrepreneurship ecosystem
  • Access to labs
  • Access to faculty and advisers
  • Access to library books and generals
  • IT support
  • Access and Networking with industry
  • Assistance in legal services and company formation
  • Traveling and accommodation arrangements
  • Professional services, such as, Legal, IP, Mentoring, website development, IT, etc.
  • Industry Desk [Chamber of Commerce, Associations, Clubs, etc.]
  • Financial Desk [Banks, VCs, Govt., HEC, IGNITE]
  • Stationery shop and business center with facilitation for Photocopy, binding, lamination, etc.
  • Cafeteria, canteen and tuck-shop
  • Event management and ample space for events (covered and open)
  • Sports and recreational facilities
  • Car parking
  • Secure premise



1.   Entrepreneur 101

A series of courses targeted to phase I incubatee of TIBIC. Basic level course covers Entrepreneurial mindset, Entrepreneur pitfalls, Entrepreneurial game, Idea & Creativity, BMC, Startup Business Models and Frameworks, Business types, Revenue models, Market analysis, Customer buying factors, Idea2Opportunity, Lean Startup, Basic of Business Financials, Forecasting.

Entrepreneur 101

2.   Entrepreneur 201

A series of courses targeted to phase II incubatee of TIBIC.

BMC-II, Startup Path, Go-to-market Strategy, Revenue models, Market analysis in depth, Customer segments, , Lean Startup – II,  Business Financials, Forecasting, Marketing and Sales, MVP, Prototype/PoC, Business and product cycle.

\link\Entrepreneur 201


3.  Pitching Series

Pitching for Startups, Pitching for Round 1 & 2, Pitching to Accelerators


4.  Business Financials


5. Social Entrepreneurship


1.  Pitch2Shine

Pitching Competition held every year where students, working persons, startups – all entrepreneurs are welcome.  Judges, VCs, Mentors and domain experts and leaders from industry, academia and commercial organizations are invited to share knowledge and collaborate with TIBIC Startups.

Winners are incubated at TIBIC.



2.  Entrepreneur Day



KIET’s Technology Incubation Centre (TIBIC) help students to expand their horizon beyond class room studies and apply their learning to solve real world issues thus supporting themselves and Pakistan economy.

TIBIC is open for all students, working persons, researchers, startups, thus all entrepreneurs are welcome.

To register click https://forms.gle/bum5njiaCfyGtut4A to fill Form F01.

For any queries you may email to muhammad.ejaz@pafkiet.edu.pk

Location & Contact

For any queries you may email to muhammad.ejaz@pafkiet.edu.pk


Araamday – Fused LLP

Daniyal Zahid & Owais Akram

Young and energetic alumni of KIET started business in healthcare industry with vision to serve humanity by providing them state-of-the-art products to make their lives comfortable… more details


Upni Market

Ahsan Zahid (CEO & FOunder)

upnimarket.com  Is The Easy Way To Get The Need You Love Delivered & Provided. Upnimarket.Com Is An Online And SAAS Marketplace That Bridges The Gap Between Customers, Service Providers, And Sellers. Grow Your Business Faster With Upnimarket.Com. We Are Here To Help You By Introducing The SAAS Marketplace, Creating A Unique Identity For Your Brand, And Much More.

Why / Vision: Help Businesses grow so they can help the unemployed people by hiring them.

How: Multi-Vendor Marketplace – Restaurants /Shops/Services/Need’s online ordering & delivery Solution.

…. more details




Rehab Saleh Farooqui

Final Year student of Avionics Engineering, KIET, Rehab’s startup is in healthcare industry with product name PillBo – an idea blending electronics, elderly habits and medicine …. more details



Ahad Hussain

Inspired during his course work in Technology Entrepreneurship class, Ahad mission is to provide quality online service related to personal grooming  …. more details


Kamran Ali, Maria Khan, …

Kamran, Founded technology training startup an year ago and wanted to team up with fellow students at KIET to realize his dream of providing hi-tech education to masses …. more details


Bilal &

Final Year student of Computer Science started their entrepreneurial journey with a win at Islamabad to start an E-Com business and now joined TIBIC to incubate into a much bigger venture to help special people by developing SW/HW gadgets to help them joining main stream people  …. more details


M. Ejaz TayabHeadmuhammad.ejaz@pafkiet.edu.pk



Idea Pitching