Students at (PAC), Kamra

03 Jun Students at (PAC), Kamra

KIET College of Engineering students have recently returned from Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC), Kamra after completion of their summer internship.

Summer and Winter Internships at the internationally acclaimed Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC) Kamra are a regular feature for 60 College of Engineering students selected on merit. Each time, free airlift is provided by Pakistan Air Force (PAF) to internees while proceeding to and coming back from Kamra. The fun-filled journey, excursion tours during their visit and the internship itself, gives very valuable and unique exposure to our CoE graduates.34319931_1971219729564242_8909740279221714944_n 34276632_1971219399564275_7548994133319221248_n 34461018_1971219499564265_5260847677855236096_n 34308083_1971219582897590_6269429273107365888_n 34268480_1971220172897531_5645742512116072448_n 34321919_1971219979564217_2782791181744996352_n 34413052_1971219876230894_8849741527421812736_n 34321913_1971219826230899_3779796508694544384_n