Student Societies

The objective of student societies is to develop managerial, interpersonal, decision-making, organizational, and leadership skills required in a well-rounded professional. Office bearers of these societies are elected by the students in a lively, constructive, non-political and democratic environment. There are a number of student societies that organize a variety of events such as seminars, conferences, exhibitions, guest speaker sessions, and other extracurricular activities.

College of Engineering

KES (KIET Engineering Society):

KIET Engineering society is one of the major societies of College of Engineering. KES is responsible for organizing Student’s Engineering Exhibition (SEE) annually and Student’s Project Exhibition and Competition (SPEC) bi-annually.

SEE is a national level event intended to give students a stepping stone for entering into the engineering industry. It is a platform that allows industry professionals participation and student interaction as well as offering the corporate sector a chance to assess the potential of engineering students.

SPEC is an intra level event which has a special emphasis on the projects which are assigned in each course. Every course taught has a compulsory project component to make learning both exciting and rewarding. These hand-on experiences transform students into professional engineers.


Avionics Club:

Avionics Club is responsible to train and teach students design, manufacture and fly various categories of aircraft including fixed wing aircraft, ornithopters, powered radio controlled planes and gliders. This club also arranges competitions of flying in National Flying Competition (NFC), Student’s Engineering Exhibition (SEE) and Student’s Project Exhibition and Competition (SPEC) at KIET.


Robotics and Mechatronics Club:

This club is responsible to design line-following robot, robot for Robo-Wars and robot for playing foot ball. This club also holds Robo-Sprint annually which is attributed to Robotics Competition where students from different universities across Pakistan participate in senior category and schools in junior category.

College of Management Sciences


Marions is one of the leading society of our institution which was established on October 27, 2011 by a group of entrepreneurs who wanted to start alluring students towards this area and meanwhile enhance their marketing, management and finance skills. Marions has many eccentricities on its sleeves which proudly makes it one of the eminent societies of KIET.


KCSC – KIET City Students Council:

KCSC is a student representative society of students of City Campus of PAF KIET which focuses on skill development in students through participation in various events.

  • To contribute to maintaining and enhancing student life in all the relevant aspects such as academic and social areas.
  • To mediate the gap between the students and management.
  • To improve transparency through consistent communication with the students.
  • To encourage and support active participation of all students in community engagement projects.
  • To enhance the advancement of student life, quality education and student participation.
College of Computing & Information Sciences


CoCIS faculty and students have established KIET’s ACM student chapter. This society is responsible to bring various workshops, competitions and events for the CS students. Such activities not only increase the interest of the students in the computing discipline but also introduce them to the latest developments in the field of information technology. It has open door to the latest research in the field of computing and information technology through the access of ACM digital library, ACM Career News and ACM Tech News. Students also become eligible for massive discounts on all ACM Competition, Workshops, Seminars and Conferences.


Youth Intelligentsia (YI):

Students of College of Computing & Information Sciences established Youth Intelligentsia KIET Chapter. Youth Intelligentsia is a platform for positive and constructive minded youngsters to join hands to explore the mysteries of their potential. To accomplish this feet, YI has chosen five broad themes through which the Youth could be mobilized; Education, Health, Social, Sports and Training & development.

Youth Intelligentsia KIET Chapter organized various big events from Dream Pakistan to Azaadi then FLAIR. Also YI have organizing Meet the Mentors, Study Circles, Blood Drives, Table Tennis events on Semester Basis.

College of Media & Arts

CMA Debates Society:

Born with the motto of “Speech is Power”, the Debates Society aims to enhance students’ thinking and speaking abilities, impromptu responses and presence of mind. The society has participated in numerous competitions in the past, bagging prizes, special mentions and trophies from all over Karachi and Pakistan.


CMA Design Studio:

The Design Studio is a coveted society whose members are selected from students who show excellence in graphic design and animation skills. The studio is not only responsible for developing visuals for the promotion of the college (which are displayed on billboards, newspapers and the campus walls) but also handles professional clients and projects that the college undertakes.


CMA Editorial Board:

CMA editorial board is a society where our students put together a years happening in 32 pages. The magazine named CMA Impressions is a collection of all the adventures of our college. What makes this magazine different is the simple fact that it is the combined work of a very talented and dedicated group of students, devoted to maintaining the highest standards in editorial print. The magazine is printed in full colour and includes pictures, feature stories, and articles written by students about CMA’s events and happenings, different activities and interviews from successful Alumni. Impressions is designed and arranged by our students as well.


CMA Media & Skits Society:

The largest student society in College of Media & Arts to date is the Media & Skits Society. The hundreds of handpicked student members are chiefly responsible for planning, holding and managing the CMA Annual Event – from stage design and marketing campaign, to ambience and theatrical productions, the event is a chance for all of CMA to showcase their talents.


CMA Sports Club:

Athletes, gamers and the occasional players all have a home in College of Media & Arts. The Sports Club organizes the Annual Sports Championship which includes competitions in indoor games, foosball, football, table tennis, badminton, chess, cards, and more. The Club also arranges a Cricket Tournament every year for which a cricket stadium is booked outside the campus premises.


OMedia Chronicles:

It isn’t enough to be a learner. One must also appreciate and encourage art in all its beautiful forms from around the world. The Media Chronicles takes on the daunting task of presenting a new chapter of an international media and arts competition every year. Each year, students and professionals from Pakistan and abroad participate to be recognized.


Students’ Council:

Elected every year by tradition, on the 14th of February, the Students’ Council consists of key authoritative positions and is responsible for facilitating all other societies of the college.


Students’ Support Society:

To assist students with financial constraints, the College of Media & Arts runs a support program. Donations from sponsors, organizations, teachers, staff, students and parents alike are welcome.


English Department

KMUN – KIET Model United Nations:

KIET Model United Nations Society is one of the leading student societies of (KIET). It was established in February 2008 by a group of leading MUNNERS of the institute. The society’s core purpose was not just to send students for MUN conferences or conduct any events but its main purpose was to produce, develop and enhance leadership skills in the students and to bring forth future leaders of the country. KIETMUN Society has produced some excellent debaters and public speakers who have not just represented the institute at national and international conferences but also became victors escorting awards for the institute.

Since its establishment, the society has organized five (05) successful Annual mega event KIET Model United Nations Conferences on Intra level and three (04) Model United Nations Conference on a National Level.

This event is one of its kind in terms of its lofty educational value in which wide array of global issues are discussed, it focuses on quality of debates and discussions with emphasis on the need of developing a culture of discussion for resolution of problems whether indigenous or international by the unprecedented number of participants from all over the country.