Authorize access to a student record

University student record information, such as grades and classes completed, is recorded online in a dynamic profile that is continually updated. A student must grant permission for a parent or guest to access the details of, or to view bills and make payments by online billing payment methods

What can I access on my student’s record?

Parents/guests can receive access to their student’s: Enrollment summary, Grade Sheet, Billings, Test Results, Class Schedule, Exam Schedule. etc

How to authorize access?

Parents can authorize themselves by retrieving guardian password. For this Parents must know their student registration No.

Campus News


All campus news will be updated so that parents can view what their students are going throw. You can like our social media network page to get latest updates about events and other participation as well.

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Parents News


No latest news yet. Parents will be updated for any news of which they concern.

Information for First-Year Parents and Families


Throughout the university year, the Parents’ Page will publish a university updated news and announcements for first-year parents and families, designed to help you understand the transition to college and life on campus and activities or events your student may be experiencing.

How to authorize access to Student Account?

Parents can authorize themselves by retrieving guardian password. For this Parents must know their student registration No.

If You Need to Reach the University

As a reminder, most administrative offices work on a Monday-Friday 8:30am-3:30pm schedule.

Question & Answer


Queries for newly accepted students.

For Newly Accepted Students


    • What should I know about the course selection process for my first-year student?
    • What are the requirements to be on the Dean’s List?
    • When are semester breaks and holidays?
    • What if I have questions about my child’s academic performance?
    • My student has received a very poor grade in a course. What options are available to him?


Further Question & Answer