Job Opportunity at National Foods

02 Jul Job Opportunity at National Foods

The Trailblazer Program is all about developing tomorrow’s leaders, today.  The one-year long journey begins with induction from all universities in Pakistan and abroad; the rigorous selection process ensures that only the best students are inducted. Each Trailblazer is chosen based on their aptitude, in house assessment scores, presentations to the Management Committee and panel interviews. Every Trailblazer will be taken through a comprehensive training program to acquaint him/her with their chosen function of the company. Unlike other Management Trainee Programs where a path is pre-defined, restricted and limited for the Trainee, at NFL we believe that the Gen Z is already ready to carve their own path to success.

The Trailblazer will get 2 projects at the start of his / her career, one of which will be given by NFL and the other needs to be identified by the Trailblazer. Depending on the performance and impact of the project completion, a Trailblazer can achieve a promotion every year and can possibly head a division in only 5 years.

Interested candidates will go through the following rigorous process to trail blaze their way through to NFL:

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Interested candidates can send their CVs at