Guest Speaker Session

Guest Speaker Sessions and Seminars provide an opportunity to the students and faculty to benefit from the experience of prominent corporate executives and technology professionals.

Distinguished speakers are invited from the industry and education sector each week to highlight current issues, trends and concerns of the industry. Students are given the opportunity to interact with these experts and gain their viewpoint on academic concepts that are actually practiced in the industry. These opportunities provide an overall perspectives to the students for evaluating theoritical concepts and transforming them into realistic plans.

On average more then 200 Guest Speaker Sessions are arranged in a regular semester at KIET, ensuring  contact between the academics and the industry.

Our Guest Speaker Series provides an opportunity to hear from high-profile individuals from the professional and business world from a range of backgrounds and disciplines. Informative, stimulating and even controversial, these talks can open your eyes to what’s going on across various sectors, support your professional development and help you build your network of contacts.

Academic guest lecture series

KIET offers home to world-class experts in a wide range of academic fields. In order to share your expertise and enrich your curriculum for students, we take subject-specific lectures as well as industry experts experiences with a range of academic disciplines.

Where: Most lectures take place in our college.

When: You can arrange a date and time that are mutually convenient for you and our academic.

Duration: The guest lecture is approximately one hour.

Cost: All lectures are free of charge.

Group size: Minimum 30 students.

Book a lecture

Simply email to send in your request. Upon receipt of your request, we will forward the details to the appropriate academic, who will then liaise with you directly.

Please note that academic guest lectures will depend on the availability of our academics, so not all lectures taken at all times.

You can contact us after the lecture has taken place to gather feedback, in order to make ongoing improvements to our lecture series.

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