Academic Quality Control

Examination Marks
Examination system provides transparency and ensures fairness of results. Students are kept up-to-date on their progress as marks of each monthly exam, quiz, assignment, project and final exam are visible online when entered by the instructor. It helps the students to plan for good grades while the semester is in progress.

Course Outlines
Course outlines are developed in a scientific manner with extensive consultation among the faculty, industry experts and prominent professionals. The outlines follow the curriculum guidelines of HEC/PEC and international professional associations such as IEEE Computer Society, Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) and Management Association.

Progress Monitoring
An elaborate system of monitoring the progress of courses has been instituted. The system allows colleges to ensure that class lectures are following the course outlines and class sessions, quizzes and assignments are being conducted at a consistent pace. The system provides instructors with targets for class sessions, quizzes and assignments for each month.

Student Feedback
Students evaluate courses in terms of the quality of instruction, course contents, extent of coverage, and use of the teaching aids. This information is combined with the evaluation of courses by peer faculty and college heads to obtain a consolidated view of faculty and teaching.

External Evaluation
A system of peer review and external evaluation ensures quality and consistency. The system consists of reviews of the outlines and exam papers by peer faculty members and by external examiners.

Industry Projects
As part of the curriculum, students undertake a major industry project that fulfills the requirements of a selected organization. The project provides the students with the experience of applying concepts, tools and methodologies learned during the course of their academic program. It allows them to personally experience pressures generated by deadlines under constraints of time and resources.

Research and Consultancy
The Institute encourages the faculty to undertake industry research and consultancy projects. Incentives and infrastructure facilities provided for this purpose enable the faculty to research industry problems, publish papers and interpret theoretical concepts in the light of practical realities.