Welcome to PDC

Our mission is to help both individuals and organizations to grow and become more successful in their profession and to conduct high quality training by using latest training techniques, state of the art technologies, robust processes and highly experienced facilitators.

In our programs, PDC organizes training on industry specific problem areas and tries to simulate real-life corporate scenario that participants face in their professional life and train them how to encounter practical challenges. PDC will provide short term courses in Engineering, Computer Sciences, Media & Arts and Management Sciences and will provide flexibility in scheduling classes to meet the needs of our clients

The ultimate goal of PDC comprising highly qualified professionals, at PAF-KIET is that its faculty and students keep abreast of the contemporary demands of international standards of academics and professionalism.

PDC provides latest information / development in the respective field that will enable the students to contribute towards the growth of their professional careers as well as their organization. Our state of the art facilities, equipment and training aids facilitate students to achieve excellence in their professional objectives.