Routing Techniques Networking from(1st-5th Jan,2018)

Netwarking -a4

Duration 5 days    (18:00-21:00)PM  
Date from Ist Jan,2018  
Date end 5th Jan,2018  
Fee Rs/6000  
  Rs/3000  For PAF_KIET Personals and students

Course: Routing Protocols and Concepts:


Routing is an essential element of all but the smallest data communications networks. At one level, routing and the configuration of routers are quite simple. But as internetworks grow in size and complexity, routing issues can become at once both large and subtle. Perversely, perhaps, I am grateful for the difficult problems large-scale routing can present—as a network systems consultant; these problems are my bread and butter.


The audience for this Course is any network designer, administrator, or engineer who needs a full understanding of the interior routing protocols of TCP/IP. Although the practical aspects of the Course focus on Cisco’s IOS, the information is applicable to any routing platform. The course is not only for readers who plan to become Internetwork Experts, but for anyone who wishes to advance his or her knowledge of TCP/IP routing.

Course Contents:

Configuring and verify router interfaces

Identifying the characteristics if distance vector routing protocols

Demonstrating comprehensive RIP configuration skills

Designing and implementing a classless IP addressing scheme for a given network

Using advanced configuration commands with routers implementing EIGRP

Describe the basic features and concepts of link-state routing protocols

Facilitator Profile:


BSc, MSc(Applied Physics), MSCS, CCNA (Network Fundamentals, LAN Switching and Wireless, Routing Protocols and Concepts, Accessing the WAN)