Personal & Social Development- From 1st -8th Jan,2018


Duration 8 days  (06:00 to 09:00) PM
Date from Ist Jan,2018
Date end 8th Jan,2018
Fee Rs/6000
  Rs/5000 For PAF-KIET personal and student

 Personality and Social development is the enduring pattern of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that distinguishes individuals from one another. Personality emerges early and continues to change in meaningful way throughout the life span. In order to survive in today’s competitive world one needs to be effective and quick-witted all the time. It’s no longer just about how much effort you put into your work but one’s personality also has a lot to do with what one achieves. Therefore, this course has been designed and developed to help all individuals who need to groom and work on their personality development.

Course Objectives and Teaching Methodology:

The objective of this course will be to prepare the potential managers with the personal and interpersonal skills. . The course will focus on the personal skills including communication, personal development, and confidence building. The teaching methodology will be, interactive, and based on carefully developed lectures by the instructor, group discussions and presentations by the students.