Vision & Mission


ORIC – the mission, vision, values, competitive advantage and information on leadership

Mission: –   To nurture the research activities / programs at the institute by providing a collaborative environment among the researchers, industry, and funding sources with an aim to grow a knowledge-based economy through research, innovation, development, commercialization and entrepreneurship.

Vision: – To be amongst the leading universities of the world where an excellent environment to foster innovation, high impact applied research and entrepreneurship exists.

Values: –

1. Research Excellence.

2. Collaboration.

3. Integrity.

4. Accountability.

5. Resilience.

6. Diligence.

7. Entrepreneurship.

8. Service to Community.

Competitive Advantage. KIET has a competitive advantage over many HEIs of the country by being in Karachi and located next to a huge industrial estate. There are ample opportunities of research, innovation and a high probability of development, commercialization and entrepreneurship in Karachi – business hub of Pakistan. With HEC support and efforts of researchers and ORIC at KIET, positive contribution in attaining a knowledge-based economy could be achieved.