Karachi Institute of Economics and Technology (KIET)  was recognized by University Grant Commission (UGC) in Aug,1998 and Charter was granted by Govt of Sindh in May,2000. The institute comprises of three colleges i.e. College of Engineering, College of Management Sciences and College of Computing and Information systems. The number of graduates from the institute so far are around nine thousand and more than four thousand students are studying at the main campus and other two campuses in the city area.


  The research groups from the College of Engineering are Intelligent Robots, Electronics devices circuit and systems, Signal Processing, Embedded system, Smart Networks and Aerodynamics led by PhD Faculty.  The College of computing and Information systems research groups include Grid and Cloud Computing, Data Science and machine learning, Information security, Software Engineering and Internet of things. The research groups of Finance, Human Resource Management, Marketing and Supply chain management are part of the College of Management sciences. The institute comprises 27 PhD in the faculty who are doing active research and recently a number of projects are approved and Funded by HEC. 

KIET is establishing its ORIC at an interesting point in its R&D roadmap. A considerable basic and applied research and development has already taken place at KIET and researchers and the associated staff have already encountered certain issues and their solutions. Therefore, at this point KIET is able to adequately identify the issues that researchers need facilitation with and the required mechanisms to ease up those issues – facilitating the research and development ecosystem.