Turkey Tour 2017


The objective of International tour is to give students international exposure and to provide them a platform to understand international educational environment. It creates a very healthy and positive outcomes.

Turkey tour is the one of the example of such trips that has been initiated by Corporate Relations Department. A group of 20 persons including students, their brothers, sisters, parents and KIET officials visited Turkey from 22-29 September 2017.

During tour, a number of places and cities were explored like Istanbul, Bursa, Shiley Aqua. Bosphorus Cruise Dinner, Cable Car, Hagia Sophia Museum, Topkapi Palace, Blue Mosque, Taksim Square and Galata Tower, Princes Ireland are the main attractions of the trip. Corporate Department aims to organize three such tours in a year.



Visited at these Areas
• Istanbul (Asia & Europe)
 Blue Mosque
 Hagia Sophia
 Topkapi Palace
 Sultanahmet Square
 Grand Bazar
 Galata Tower
 Taskim
 Bosphorus
 Prince Island

• Bursa

• Shiley Aqua

International tours can create a very healthy and positive outcomes and image to attract not only prospective students but also to retain students.