It’s new, exciting, and somewhat anxiety-inducing, and it starts right now. Never forget to enjoy every minute of it. You’ve arrived. Slap on the bumper sticker. Wear the t-shirt. Lose yourself in school spirit. You might not know them yet, but you’re among friends.

By now, our Admissions Office should have sent your PAF-KIET username and password, enabling you to access KIET LMS. If you need further information, please contact Admissions at admissions@pafkiet.edu.pk or 35091114-7 .

KIET LMS is the administrative system used by students to register for classes, update contact information, and access student accounts. You can access KIET LMS by using your PAF-KIET username and password at lms.pafkiet.edu.pk sent at the time of your admission through SMS or Email.

You can get further details from MIS Dept in any case you miss the information by visiting PAF-KIET Campus.