‘Robomers’ – Robotic (LFR) competition PAF-KIET winner

18 Sep ‘Robomers’ – Robotic (LFR) competition PAF-KIET winner

Another team from PAF-KIET takes the TOP honours in the Line Following Robotic (LFR) competition.

Congratulations to Team “Robomers” from College of Engineering, PAF-KIET for winning Line Following Robotic Competition held at NED UET, Karachi.

PAF-KIET Teams have been continuously winning LFR competitions all across the country in various LFR competitions such as SPARCOM-2018, ZAB E-FEST-2018, SIBACom 2017, NED-SPEC-2016 etc. This time the stage was set again at NED as NED-SPEC-2018 and they made it to the victory stands.

President PAF-KIET met with the winners in his office and congratulated them, team also apprised him about their upcoming robotic competition being held in late November this year. As a token of appreciation, President awarded a cash prize to each member and wished them the best.