University-wide policy documents

Please note: Individual schools and departments also may maintain additional policies. Such policies, however, do not override these university-wide policies.

Administrative Guide
PAF-KIET official manual for administrative policies. Contents include chapters on Organization, Personnel, Accounting, Procurement, Computing and Services.
Publishes University policies governing undergraduate and graduate instruction as well as University academic requirements and degree requirements for majors, minors and honors programs.
Communications Policies
Policies regarding a variety of media-related topics such as filming on campus, photography, and use of the PAF-KIET name or emblems.
Employee & Labor Relations Policies
Key policies distributed annually regarding employees and labor issues from the Office of Human Resources.
Environmental Health and Safety
Provides information about policies, procedures and guidelines related to health and safety at PAF-KIET. Topics covered include responsibilities, services provided by the Department of Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S), a variety of topics related to workplace safety (e.g. asbestos and ergonomics), the management of hazardous materials wastes and how to prevent and handle emergencies.
Graduate Academic Policies and Procedures
University policies and other information related to the academic progress of PAF-KIET graduate
Human Resources Policies and Procedures
A list of processes, policies and procedures on topics important to PAF-KIET workplace.
Research Policy Handbook
A collection of policies, guidelines and general information related to the research enterprise at PAF-KIET.
Service Center Manual
Policies and practices related to PAF-KIET service centers.
Staff Compensation at PAF-KIET
A website that provides an overview on compensation-related policies and procedures.