Inter-universities Badminton (Girls) tournament


Inter-universities Badminton (Girls) tournament was organized at PAF- KIET Main campus and spanned over 02 days, 18-19 April, 2017. Teams from the following Universities participated in the tournament.  Iqra University, Karachi  IBA University, Karachi  Hamdard University, Karachi and 02 teams from PAF-KIET As a result of first day matches the…

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Inter-universities FUTSAL tournament has been organized at PAF-KIET Main campus and span over 02 days, 28-29 March, 2017. Teams from the following Universities have participated in the tournament and played on knock- out basis; Iqra University, Karachi DHA Suffah University, Karachi BBSUL, Karachi and Sir Syed University of Engineering &…

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PAF-KIET partcipation in HEC Basket Ball

KARACHI Inter-University Basketball

1.   PAF-KIET Basket Ball team participated in HEC organized Inter- universities Basket Ball tournament and played its first match with Sindh Madarsat ul Islam (SMIU) Karachi on SATURDAY, 4th March, 2017 and won the match. 2.   The second match was played with Karachi University on SUNDAY, 5th march,…

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Inter-universities Cricket tournament


1.  Inter-universities Cricket tournament is organized at  PAF-KIET Main Campus Korangi Creek, and the following teams participated on the first day, 15 Nov, 2016 in tournament: 1.  Iqra University 2.  Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology 3.  BIZTEK 4.  Two teams from PAF-KIET Main Campus 5.  One team each…

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Inter-Campus Badminton tournament


1.    Inter-Campus Badminton tournament was organized at PAF-KIET Main campus and spanned over 02 days, 05-06 October, 2016. Two (02) teams (both Boys and Girls each) comprising 03 players in each team participated in the tournament. 2.     Girls final match was played between PAF-KIET Main Campus and City…

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Badminton (Girls) Tournament 2016.


Badminton (Girls) tournament was organized by PAF-KIET at its Main Campus, Korangi Creek on 18-19 April, 2016. Teams from the Following universities/ colleges participated in the tournament: Iqra University FAST University Sindh Madarsat-ulIslam University(SMIU), Karachi IBA, Karachi Sir Syed University (SSUET), Karachi 01 team from PAF-KIET Main Campus and 01…

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Inter-Universities Cricket tournament 2016


Inter-Universities Cricket tournament organized at PAF-KIET Main Campus, Korangi Creek spans over 02 days, 12-13 April, 2016. . Two teams from PAF-KIET Main Campus, one each from City and North Campuses and four teams from other universities FAST, MAJU, SMIU (Sindh Madarsat ul Islam University), and BIZTEK participated in the…

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