Basketball Court Opening Ceremony [17 Nov’17]

18 Nov Basketball Court Opening Ceremony [17 Nov’17]

Basketball Court Opening Ceremony
at PAF-KIET Main Campus

1.      Opening Ceremony of Main Campus Basketball Court was held on 17th
November, 2017 at 1130 hrs. Inaugural match was played between the teams of
PAF-KIET Main Campus and City Campus. President PAF-KIET being the Chief
Guest, faculty members & staff from all Colleges and students from all 03
Campuses witnessed the match. Inauguration of Basketball Court started with
the Ribbon-cutting ceremony by President PAF-KIET and then Basketball Ring was
open to all faculty members and guests to try basket the ball and that every
one enjoyed the most.

2.      After the Ribbon-cutting ceremony a display match was played between
Main & City Campus teams.  Match was very exciting and both the teams exerted
their utmost. The match was won by City Campus. President PAF-KIET awarded the
trophies and Cash Awards to Winner & Runner-up teams.