PAF-KIET Aviation Society

Initiated by a few passionate BBA/BS and MBA Aviation Management students at PAF Karachi Institute of Economics & Technology, City Campus, the ‘PAF-KIET Aviation Society’ is formed as a society of students under the auspices of the College of Management Sciences at PAF Karachi Institute of Economics & Technology.  The members of the society shall be bona fide students of PAF-KIET who are enthused and motivated to promote education in the field of aviation & aerospace. They shall also endeavor to bring the academia and the aviation industry closer.

Dissemination of knowledge and awareness through active interaction with key aviation organizations by organizing appropriate conferences, seminars, work-shops, expos and symposiums in close liaison with the industry and building a network of online repertoire of aviation projects, theses and dissertations and other research papers, etc. along with regular arrangement of industry specialist guest speakers shall form the core purpose and objective of the society.




Accepting the proposal from the founding members/proponents of the society, I am thrilled to be a patron of the PAF-KIET Aviation Society. The society may be acronymed ASKIET, and pronounced    AS-KIET.

image004Indeed, the vision of the society and its goals and objectives are ideally suited to enhance aviation awareness. Resultantly, more students shall be inclined to join various disciplines in the vast and fast growing field of aviation & aerospace. The incumbent students will be able to broaden their horizons and gain access to opportunities in the industry. The society’s active involvement with the industry stalwarts would not only bridge the widening gap between the academia and the industry, but will also bring in sustained growth and prosperity for the aviation industry.  Shared issues, research topics of interest for collaboration with the industry and sharing of new developments shall benefit both the industry and the academia.

Little do we realize that Aviation is not only a catalyst for socio-economic growth of nations, it also a business enabler. I am certain that PKAS will be a baby step forward in helping aviation, and therefore, Pakistan prosper and climb to higher levels of progress and prosperity.

I hereby pledge my unqualified and unconditional support to PKAS and I wish PKAS many a safe flight and happy landings all the way.

Bon voyage.

Dr. Wali N. Mughni, Ph.D.


There is no such society in PAF-KIET University that facilitates grooming of students according to aviation industry needs. The main purpose of this society is to create awareness & provide a platform to gain and share knowledge about Aviation among students of through seminars, visits and exhibitions.

There are many students interested to be a part of “ASKIET” (PAF-KIET Aviation Society). The team is almost ready with approximately students which are passionate and willing to undertake their task.


Our vision is to promote aviation awareness amongst students.


To promote and foster excellence in aviation education by providing a forum to share ideas, enhance the quality of education and skills among students also nurture linkage between academia and industry to facilitate students take up a career in Aviation.


  1. To be an open forum for all Aviation students of PAF-KIET.
  2. To encourage students to choose aviation related careers.
  3. To assist professional development of members through seminars/competitions.
  4. To bridge the gap between industry and academics.
  5. To undertake seminars, roadshows, conferences and expos on periodic basis.
  6. To invite industry specialist on current topics and issues.
  7. To share projects/ thesis with the industry.
  8. To collect a repertoire of aviation related documents and articles
  9. Arrange visits to the industry in coordinated with PAF-KIET administration.
  10. Invite industry guest speakers once every month as per following areas.
    1. Cockpit crew.     2. Cabin crew    3.  Engineering    4. Aviation Management
  11. Develop leadership qualities and Organisational skills amongst members.
  12. Encourage practice and inculcation of High Ethical and Moral Values among members.
  13. Facilitate members develop Conceptual, Communication, and positive proactive thinking
  14. Punctuality and professionalism will be encouraged.
  15. Society Members will be encouraged to wear uniform during seminars and events



Major K.Shamshad, retd

image007Major K.Shamshad, retd as youth an active scout and also operator of Pakistan Boy Scouts Amateur Radio station apart from attending Jamborees. Also General Secretary of Islamia Arts College Students Union. Joined Army and began his career as a Telecommunications specialist and Trainer, has distinction of raising a Signals Battalion as a young Captain, was for a short time with Army Aviation, but due to injury reverted to his corps. A member of the Amateur Radio Fraternity with call sign AP2KKS. On release in1984 he qualified as COBOL programmer and developed numerous programs.


His experiences and talents made him a Management auditor and consultant apart from being a Trainer and Instructor of English Language after qualifying as international Teacher from Cambridge University. He also is a known Instructor for Pakistan Studies & Business Studies for O Levels plus English, Geography & History for A Levels. He also conducts preparatory classes for IELTS both conventional and online.


He has the honour of being School Head of Aga Khan School Gwadar in 2005 when it completed 100 years. Has travelled extensively as a Telecommunications specialist and later as a trainer, ultimately settled in Karachi where his second love of teaching began to pay dividends. Continuing his instructional practice he also designed and taught professional courses allowing him to hone his passion for education and learning.


Motivated by Dr. Mughni he enrolled as the first student for MBA Aviation with IBAAS, now pursuing his passion for learning as student of MBA Aviation at PAF KIET, a rare +65 year old student now.  His motto  Let’smakethis    world    a     better    worldthan    the world     we came into

0313 860 7090        


Ms. SABAH SADIQ                                                                                                     

image008Born on 23rd august 1994, attended Aisha Bawany academy Karachi, passed “O” levels (commerce) and “A” levels (commerce) , Presently student of BS AVIATION MANAGEMENT at PAF-KIET (city campus). A top achiever in academics as well as in co-curricular activities recently attended Aviation Safety Management System (SMS) course with Pakistan CAA apart from short courses on Human Factors in aviation, Aviation security management, airline operations and airport operation management.

Was selected as Assistant chief coordinator for Pakistan’s’ first Aviation Expo 2016 at PAF museum. Also facilitated the visit of first 17 year old Muslim Captain Haris Suleman (Sitara e Imtiaz) and his father Captain Babar Suleman (Travelling around the world in a single engine Beech A36 to collect funds for poor students in Pakistan), When they landed at Karachi in 2014.

An active Volunteer member of memon community “Jetpur youth wing” conducts seminars and events to further education of children. Since 2013 a volunteer “counselor” with Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai Welfare Society an NGO, in Sindh Government Health Project focusing on prevention of HIV/AIDS & STIs” among communities at Hyderabad & Sukkur district.  Her motto ‘others before self’





Captain Muhammad Shahzaib Chughtai

image009Born on 21st August 1993, passed F.S.C (Science) from Karachi went on to become a Pilot, now a holder of Commercial Pilot license (CPL) with Multi Engine rating, working as a Ground/ Flight Instructor at KK Aviation Karachi Teaching and training Student Pilots (SP) currently rated on Cessna 172 and Cessna 402 also giving lectures on Aircraft performance and Flight planning. Also completed short courses on Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR) , Airport Operations Management + Airline Operations. He is now a student of BS Aviation Management at PAF-KIET (City Campus).

Since 2013 am associated as a Volunteer  “Monitoring and Evaluation Officer”,  with Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai Welfare Society an NGO working with Sindh Government Health Project focusing on “HIV/AIDS & STIs prevention” among target communities in Sindh

Was selected as Assistant chief coordinator for Pakistan’s’ first Aviation Expo 2016 at PAF museum Karachi on 25 September 2016 where coordinated the Aero Models Flying show. Also facilitated the visit of first 17 year old Muslim Captain Haris Suleman (Sitara e Imtiaz) and his father Captain Babar Suleman (Travelling around the world in a single engine Beech A36 to collect funds for poor students in Pakistan), when they landed at Karachi in 2014. His motto   ‘flying is my passion’





Mr. Muhammad Munab Alam

image010Born on 09 May 1993 have passed F.S.C (Pre-Engineering) from Karachi presently a student of BS Aviation Management from PAF-KIET (City Campus). A position holder in debate competitions at SM Science College during his college days. Has also completed short courses on Human Factors in Aviation, Airport Operations Management, Aviation Security Management, and Airline Operations Management. As a tutor has been teaching Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry to students of S.S.C, F.Sc, O & A levels since 2013.

Was selected as Assistant chief coordinator for Pakistan’s’ first Aviation Expo 2016 at PAF museum Karachi on 25 September 2016 where coordinated the Aero Models Flying show. Also facilitated the visit of first 17 year old Muslim Captain Haris Suleman (Sitara e Imtiaz) and his father Captain Babar Suleman (Travelling around the world in a single engine Beech A36 to collect funds for poor students in Pakistan), when they landed at Karachi in 2014.

Since 2013 a volunteer “counselor”, with an NGO Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai Welfare Society. He is a positive thinker helping people become good human beings, his motto ‘knowledge is power’







In June 2014 the first Muslim 17 year old Capt. Haris Suleman and his father Capt. Babar Suleman undertook a challenge to fly in 30 days around the globe in a Single engine Beech Bonanza A36 registered N20TC to collect donations for children of TCF schools in Pakistan. Starting from Plain Field USA travelling eastward they reached Karachi Jinnah International Airport on 01 July 2014 and were facilitated by the IBAAS students/ faculty (N20TC displayed the Logo of IBAAS also) and members of Aviation community. They departed for their onward journey which had and was to involve hops of over 7 hours flying and maximum 9 hours over the pacific. During their Takeoff from Samoa Pacific US Territory in Pacific due to bad weather they crashed and Capt. Babar Suleman was lost at sea. In appreciation and recognition of his efforts Government of Pakistan awarded Late Capt. Haris Suleman Sitara e Imtiaz.



On 6th September, 2016 a visit was arranged to “Air Base Masroor” it was an air show which was showcasing “JF-17 Thunder, F-16 and Mirages”.  Students & Faculty picture below



On 25 September, 2016 students organised the first ever “AVIATION EXPO” in Pakistan which was held in PAF-MUSEUM the chief guest of inaugural ceremony AIR MARSHAL AZIM DAUDPOTA (Retd.) and the closing ceremony was done by AIR MARSHAL SALMAN BOKHARI (AIR OFFICER COMMANDING PAF). Our media partners were “AAJ and DUNYA” TV networks. Beside these we had “SHAHEEN AIR”, “PAKISTAN AIR FORCE” participating


After the big hit of successful event a certificate distribution ceremony to appreciate the contributions of our volunteers and team members this was held in “PAF-MUSEUM AUDITORIUM” all the volunteers awarded certificates and the best ones got the mementos.



Conducted by Mr. Afsar Malik ex JIAP Airport Manager and our Faculty member now, as part of our ongoing learning & awareness facilitated this visit for students to understand how the Approach Radar Control systems work

16729377_1899442583620665_3482013946850548267_n (1)

ASKIET Documentation Form-page0001


  1. Bonafied students of PAF-KIET Aviation department eligible for membership.
  2. Bonafied Students of other departments would be considered as Associate Members
  3. The membership is open to students who have NO DISCPLINE CASES
  4. Application on prescribed form attaching CV with latest Passport size photo along with a Handwritten 300 words statement of Purpose.
  5. Attested Photocopy of CNIC, Academic / other Testimonials and PAF KIET student Identity card.
  6. Social service certificate if any.
  7. Undertaking that he/she will abide by the rules and regulations of the society.
  8. Membership interview will be conducted once during the Semester
  9. Society Members will follow dress code & wear uniform during seminars and events
  10. Etiquettes and decorum of Muslim culture to be followed and Emotional maturity displayed.
  11. Ladies are required to avoid provocative and exhibitionist dress
  12. Use of foul or unparliamentarily or obnoxious language is not allowed on any occasion
  13. Members are expected to be respect others and present an image of role model for others.
  14. Punctuality, Responsibility, Honesty  & Professionalism has to be demonstrated at all times.
  15. Any violation of conditions above or any Disciplinary act, conduct, abetment etc. will disqualify member.


ASKIET officially arranged a Aviation awareness visit for new Aviation student at KK  Aviation on 21 Feb 2017 in which 30 students participated in below gallery.