-Who We Are-

The College of Humanities & Sciences is responsible to impart instructions in Humanities, English and  Mathematics  to undergraduate and postgraduate students of programs offered in Applied Sciences & Arts i.e  in Engineering , Computer and Information Sciences, Management Sciences and Media Arts at PAF-KIET.


The department of Mathematics is assigned the task to conduct mathematics courses which comprise the integral part of syllabi for under graduate and post graduate programs in Electrical Engineering , Computer Science and Management Sciences offered by PAF-KIET. Therefore we run courses in almost all branches of mathematics such as:
  1. Algebra & Trigonometry.
  2. Calculus.
  3. Ordinary Differential Equations.
  4. Partial Differential Equations.
  5. Vector Analysis.
  6. Complex Variable.
  7. Probability & Statistics.
  8. Numerical Methods.

In due course, we plan to introduce under graduate program in Applied Mathematics, gradually leading to post graduate studies and research dealing with mathematical problems of applied sciences.