Learning English And Communication Skills

English courses incorporate English for general and specific academic purposes envisaging its diverse nature in the international community as Lingua franca and also Tyrannosaurus rex. Besides, in heterogeneous classes as offered in this institute, specificity is usefully exploited to highlight disciplinary differences in speaking and writing through rhetorical consciousness raising. Upholding the publicity of individuality, eccentricity as well as collectivity by imparting awareness through literature and promoting learning in collaboration and competition, the department targets linguistic and communicative competence for learners so as to enable them move swiftly in their respective disciplinary discourses, communities, and cultures. Divergent attitudes spread along a continuum from respecting knowledge to valuing its extension are regarded highly. Previous learning experiences are reinforced with adequate teaching styles, extended writing assignments, oral presentations, listening comprehension tasks and analyses of real texts. Learners are encouraged to commit to a critical and combative stance. Time and space spent with the department is said to be fugacious as pleasure and action of learning make the hours seem short.



An overwhelmingly large number of English-promoting speaking activities extending over declamations, debates, dramatics, formal presentations, replica speeches, parliamentary debates, panel talk, poetry slam, advertations, English Super Market, and English Cricket Matches besides in-class discussion on current burning questions are held every semester making the whole period tremendously dynamic and vibrant. Communicative technique integrated with direct and task-based teaching methodologies creates interactive classes enabling the learners to use the target language inside and outside the classroom. Employment of different vocabulary enhancing strategies supplies the learners with words to express themselves eloquently and elegantly. The art of public speaking is eagerly taught and actively supported urging tolerance throughout.



Scanning, skimming, comprehension, interpretation and critical evaluation of a text turn reading into a meaningful, interesting and productive activity. The use of incidental vocabulary learning strategy helps decipher the text and speed up reading comprehensibility. Higher order thinking skills are inculcated through pre-, while- and post-reading activities.



Process approach in writing is preferred to product approach. Brainstorming, mind mapping, outlining, drafting, revision, editing, coherence and cohesion help learners develop a better piece of writing.  Genre analysis reinforces understanding of the differences in writing within and across the disciplines.



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